'Doug's poetry examines and exposes our surface reality to find both source and meaning... I like that kind of mind.'
– Brian Keenan, author of An Evil Cradling


'The skill and stylistic versatility are outstanding in Doug's second collection ('The English-knowing Men', 1999) that displays an abundance of thought and rich romantic imagery...highly readable, poignant and sensitive.'
– Angelina Anton, Minerva, poetry editor


'A New Voice. Doug's work is lyrical and cynical, romance turned on itself, cruel, harsh and bitter. Delusion (1995), in its cool intensity, is an impressive first step.'
– W. Dean Richards, Chronicles of Disorder, poet and editor


'Roshan Doug's highly literate and individual voice rings with crystal clarity throughout his work. His poetry is finely wrought, and his range is world-wide in scope and cultural richness. An uplifting and rewarding read...'
– Wes Magee, poet


'The reality of Doug's poetry moved and touched me... its impact made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.'
– Helen Raven, writer and critic


'A lyrical, melodious tone is conveyed in the depiction of the ordinariness of our world and the random nature of the universe. Beautiful craftsmanship.'
– Indiana Review


'...touching, witty and compassionate poems from the frontline of multiculturalism, often seen through the eyes of a child, with all of a child's innocence and a child's prejudice; sometimes deep, sometime tender but always beautiful.'
– Prof. Steve Ellis, University of Birmingham

Motivational Speaker

'Roshan is forward thinking and extremely knowledgeable in the subject of how to motivate students in the 16-19 age range. His talk was truly inspirational…seamlessly integrating depth, feeling and passion. 100% of staff members were enlightened and entertained. He is confident, realistic, and passionate, thinks outside the box and is an absolute joy to listen to.’
– Samantha Edwards, Juniper Training, HR Training and Development Officer


'Dr Doug recently judged a poetry competition for the University of Birmingham’s Black History Month Programme. He was an engaging and informative speaker particularly around the issue and relevance of Black History in contemporary society. However, it is when performing some of his own poetry, that the narrative comes truly to life and you are transported to a space that challenges both your thinking and place in society. A wonderful speaker and raconteur.'
– Dr Beverley Maynard, University of Birmingham, Race Equality Charter Project Officer


'Dr Roshan was very informative and inspirational... (His) workshop was the most inspirational relating to making relationships with your learners…’
– BKSB, 2017