Literary Career

Roshan Doug has been writing poetry and prose for over 20 years.

His debut collection Delusions was published in 1995 which immediately established him as an important poet. The Socialist Review described him as 'a fresh and intelligent new voice in Anglo-Asian poetry'. The collection was followed by The English-knowing Men (1999) which was nominated for a poetry award. In 2001 the Orange Studio commissioned a collection which was published as, No I am Not Prince Hamlet integrating themes of home, language and cultural identity.

In 2002 he was commissioned by UCE to write a series of short elegies to commemorate the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York. This eventually formed a volume, entitled The Delicate Falling of a God (2003). A year later, his selected poetry and prose, Illusions and Delusions and Dirty Words was published by UCE Press. He was also appointed resident poet at the Birmingham Rep. (2004-06).

In 2012 Roshan's first collection of romantic poetry What Light is Light... was published along with his poem, Mother India (EasternEye, 2013). Other commissions include poems for the Indian Prime Minister on India Independence Day (2003), the Embassy of USA (2004), the National Gallery, (1998) and the Waterhall Gallery, Birmingham (2001).

He has been anthologised by Spouting Forth (1997), Staple (2000), and Bloodaxe in their Out of Bounds volume of poetry (2013).