Roshan Doug was born in 1963 and has studied at the universities of Lancaster (BA English, 1985), Nottingham (MA Modern English Literature, 1989) and Birmingham (Ed.D, 2015).
Roshan Doug has been writing poetry and prose for over 20 years. Works include his debut collection 'Delusions' (1995), and 'The English-knowing Men' (1999).
Roshan Doug is one of the highest profiled commissioned artists (work includes Buckingham Palace) in the UK. His work is displayed in a range of public spaces.
Roshan Doug is a motivational speaker and often invited to give talks in conferences about his vision of a creative education model.
Roshan Doug has written a comprehensive set of socio-political articles on a variety of subjects including immigration, Standard English, Poetry, Sheria Law, Citizenship and PREVENT.


Roshan Doug is an academic and former Poet Laureate of Birmingham (2000/01). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, INSET trainer for the Poetry Society of Great Britain and a freelance journalist. Roshan has been writing and publishing poetry and prose for over 20 years. He has been dubbed 'the Asian Poet Laureate' by The Radio Times.

Attention was drawn to Roshan following his debut collection Delusions (1995) which marked him an important poet. His collections include The English-knowing Men (1999) and The Delicate Falling of a God (2003). By following his blog and other social media platforms, you can read about his current publishing projects, arts involvement and public engagements. In this website you can learn about his Literary Career, poetry interests and his views on teaching and learning.