As a freelance journalist / critic / broadcaster, Roshan Doug has written a comprehensive set of socio-political articles on a variety of subjects including immigration, Standard English, Poetry, Sheria Law, Citizenship and PREVENT.

Roshan has written for a wide range of national and international newspapers and magazines such as The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, EasternEye, Asiana, The Sunday Times and The Times Educational Supplement. He has also refereed a number of articles for peer-reviewed journals whilst he himself has been referenced extensively in dissertations, academic papers and educational books.

Some of his literary articles for A level and undergraduates include: Ivor Gurney: writing to keep madness away and Sexuality in ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ for The English Review, Philip Allen Publications, London; Recontextualisation of ‘The Duchess of Malfi’, Where's the Offence in Offensive Language?, emag; Richard Wright's Native Son, emag; Women's Poetry of the First World War, emag; ‘King Lear’ and the Doctrine of Hinduism for the emag, London; The British schools’ National Curriculum: English and the politics of teaching poetry from ‘different cultures and traditions' for the Journal of Curriculum Studies in 2010.

In addition to the above, he has written reports for BIC (Government White Paper, Handwriting: Developing Pupils' Identity and Cognitive Skills) and the Runnymede Trust (The Runnymede Project, School Report: Race, Education and Inequality in Contemporary Britain).

With Unique Broadcasting Company, he has presented a long list of pause for thoughts on Sarah Kennedy’s Radio 2 breakfast show as well as presenting Radio 4s Something Understood. He has also been featured on Laurie Taylor’s Thinking Allowed and Jonathan Freedland’s The Long View. Other programmes he has presented include: Infinite New Verses, A Land of Ghosts, Dreams and Goblins (recorded in India, 2002), Cuba Libre (recorded in Havana, 2006), Asian Single Parents (written and produced in London), and The English-knowing Men (with fellow poets, Mohindra Solanki and Moniza Alvi). He has also been a guest on Women's Hour, Fine Lines, Michael Rosen’s Word of Mouth, A Good Read with Sue Macgregor; and was a guest on BBC1's The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell discussing the Trojan Horse Report, 2014.

Roshan Doug’s BBC Radio 4 programme Something Understood (The Good Father), broadcast in 2004, was based the death of his father and nominated for the Sony Radio Awards.